A level media coursework 2011

The name of the magazine gives the connotations of something sweet and enjoyable which would appeal to my demographic. Before this project, my editing skills went no further than anime music videos in Windows Movie Maker and a little animation in Macromedia Flash such as the contract seal bitbut I had a lot of fun using Adobe Premiere and managed to do a lot more than I thought I could.

This challenges one of the most crucial points in other horror locations. This provides a disruption in the continuity because something is changing within each shot, in this example it is the fact that he suddenly appears wearing a hat and then in another shot it has disappeared again.

A-Level Media Revision

Furthermore some big-budget movies are marketed to the widest audience possible where there is no specific focus.

At first using this software was difficult to use but was easy to learn quickly on it.

AS level media coursework

Getting a strong continuity is difficult because the shots are recorded within week periods making it difficult to get things to look exactly the same and to make it flow however it is really important to get it right if the media is to be enjoyed.

The backgrounds were kept white because the article was about the artist having a photo-shoot in the interview and it helps represent the artist as someone new and fresh to the music industry, therefore their life is a clean slate, white and ready to be filled with colour and writing.

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Using that shape is a way of using semiotics to create meaning and understanding. The genre in which we decided to go for was a thriller rather than horror due to that we wanted to focus more on creating suspense rather than just showing lots of blood and gory scenes.

I also looked at the results of my survey to attract the audience. This shows continuity and the readers will be familiar with the colour scheme and recognise it and links the two pages together.

It was difficult to show that through the trailer, but if it were a full length film it might give an interesting representation of power. On occasion a film may make most of their gross after the opening weekend although this is rare.

In this production I have learnt to use a few pieces of technology that are new to me. Most of the feedback that I received showed that the most preferred template was the blue and pink one so I went with that. This page does not stick to the red, yellow and white colour scheme on the cover but does use bright colours like orange, blue and purple with the title, article and the image.

There is always a chance that the marketing campaign will fail as much as the film. I feel that the preliminary task which was to create a school magazine helped me lots and I learnt many things from completing it which, in turn, helped me to complete my full product.

I split the features and interviews in separate boxes so that it is easier to read and understand. Except for the villains and Oz's uncle, all the characters shown are quite young — in their teens or early twenties though in Break's case it's pretty vague so he may be older. I did this to have something different in the magazine so that it gives it a little bit of edge.

The heels she wears show connations of class and power.

A Level Media Coursework

Our camera angles and camera techniques such as using a handheld camera and CCTV footage follow the conventions of most of the famous horror films. Therefore the title represents the social group of teenagers. In this clip Patrick is making a toast to the main character Charlie and the camera switches between who is talking constantly.

It is a strategy used by a business or corporation that seeks to sell a type of product in numerous markets. Trailers are edited and test them to research audiences. Despite these attempts, it is unlikely many males even viewed the trailer, because most of those who had access to it were my deviantART watchers via the link I posted there and YouTube subscribers, virtually all of whom are female.

The most popular colour scheme for the front cover was pink and blue; therefore I tried to incorporate that into the front cover and the contents page.

The most obvious example is when Vincent is covered in blood, since violence and gore is common in horror films, and also when he is cutting up stuffed toys, which could connotate the destruction of innocence.

I did this to help link the two pages together and reinforce the idea that this is still a very bright playful magazine for young girls. I decided to change the colour scheme to red and blue because that was the second most popular colour scheme that my volunteers picked out.

Some of these communications may include newspapers, television, trailer at the cinemas, the internet and public posters. As a result, there arise concerns about workload and emotional stamina. Jun 07,  · To clarify, I do not affiliate myself with John Lewis or any of their production company's, this video is nothing more than a showcase of my last years media work.

A Level Media Coursework

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AS Level Media Coursework - Lisa Oakhill

AS level media coursework Total Pageviews. Tuesday, 26 April Thursday, 3 March second draft. On Wednesday the 23rd we went out to do some extra filming for our media production.

These scenes included a chase scene and the revealing of a slight narrative. I’m doing the Eduqas Media Studies A Level and just have a question about the coursework. I’ve chosen to do a music video and the brief says it should be “to promote a new artist or band” for “an independant record label”.

A level media coursework Search This Blog. This media blog is an accumulation of my own personal work and that which I complete as school work. Here you will find all my work for the AS year, this will include every aspect of the research, planning, production and evaluation stages that are important in leading towards my final product.

AS Level Media Coursework - Lisa Oakhill Thursday, 21 April Evaluation. Introduction. This part of my coursework required me to create either a print based production or video based production.

I decided that I would prefer to do a video based production; therefore I formed a group with Adele and Grace, who both decided on this option as.

A level media coursework A level media coursework 2011
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AS level media coursework