Experience and comments of this course

I liked the way the professor taught the course with enthusiasm every day and kept the students engaged in the class I think that Prof.

Know that almost all faculty members receive negative feedback at some point in their careers, including those who are senior and highly successful.

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This article provides research findings on interactions between instructor gender and student ratings of teaching. For example, if I spend one hour a day working on my assignments, that means that I still have an extra half hour of free time each day; time that I would normally have to spend commuting to and from school.

It is a super high win-loss ratio. In most cases, specific feedback with examples is more useful than general statements. When deciding how to further your development as a teacher: I now feel ready to conquer the world.

This can be especially illuminating if the prompt is intended to collect feedback on their learning experiences in the course. You have to go out and make the list. Mets and Constance E.

Starting out in the working world is also humbling, being the "new kid", having to do all the work that no one else wants to do and having the crappy schedules. Also, the discussion threads were very difficult to follow.


I think that if I had had that experience and training myself then I would have learned a lot more in my internship. Not going to look at that pitchfork anymore. There were not notifications of when new discussions had been posted, and it was extremely difficult to use the mail and did not know when there was new mail.

This class has helped a lot with my confidence in taking Math classes. It has not caused any issues, I am satisfied with it in that it did what it was supposed to. He took his time and really helped build fundamentals on which by the time the class was near the end everyone was raising their respective hand.

Maybe more of the online quizzes, the short ones were pretty useful?.

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Online Course Assessment by Brandi Ratcliff. In today's society, online courses are widely used in colleges providing easy access to course materials, classroom discussions, and feedback to instructors. The course materials and activities may be accessed from any computer, whether it is from the University or from the comfort of your own home.

Student Internship Comments. Here’s what past students had to say about the internship experience "I thoroughly enjoyed my internship this summer and now have very valuable experience under my belt. I know this will help when looking for jobs and needing references. I was dreading it in the beginning, but now I am so happy it was required.

myXanEdu Digital Course Materials XanEdu goes beyond standard PDFs to make learning more engaging. With access from any device online, and with native iPad and Android apps, the award-winning myXanEdu e-book gives students an interactive learning experience.

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Students have the option to submit written comments during the evaluation process. All of the following comments are from a single class, Sensation and Perception (Spring, ). Each quote is from a different student. Comments are unedited except for formatting.

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Strategic bolding has been applied for emphasis. Original documents are available upon request. This page contains my analysis of the pros and cons of CMA review courses in I've also included my recommendation for the best CMA review course based on my readers' experience and comments from major accounting forums.

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— 54 Comments Or should I include comments/ course data? As a contrast to your experience, my entire teaching experience has been as an instructor of record: what this means is I am THE teacher in the classroom. I had between students for whom I was responsible for planning lessons.

Experience and comments of this course
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