Mentorship portfolio of evidence

Some examples for you to consider: What are your good qualities as a mentor. This applies when discussing any aspect of care with practice colleagues and their peers and they must make sure that they do not disclose patient details, details of the Trust or Trust staff in any submitted work.

Specific documentation used does not disclose the identity of a named care-setting, any service users, carers, relatives or other individuals, such as learners or Nurses.

Chapter Evidence of Teaching

No number of classroom observations will enable a teacher to demonstrate the skills of maintaining records, communicating with families, or engaging in professional growth—some of the components of Domain 4.

I would like to discuss how to give constructive feedback Devise an Action Plan with Clinical Support Nurse in my Clinical area regarding organisational skills.

Keep an updated list and description of the most significant grants awarded. On completing the online update, mentors will still need to ensure that they arrange to meet with their link lecturer to validate the update for the year. You should normally support no more than three students at any point in time.

Sickness Applies to nursing students -Students calling in sick should call both the placement staff and the allocation officers at the University. They have received any cautions and conviction that are not considered compatible with professional registration and that might bring the profession into disrepute.

Regardless of the purposes to be advanced, whether for professional development or for evaluation of teachers, a clear definition is essential. Mon 10th Sep Session Times: Copy of the educational audit that you have participated in Clinical audits Any innovations for enhancing your practice area for students Topic of the month Introduction of learning resources area Contribution to the change process with regards to the learning environment 18 Domain 6 Example: Photocopies of graded papers or exams, showing how you give students feedback on their written work, provide important evidence of your teaching and demonstrate how your provide students written feedback on their progress and performance.

SCPHN, and from the same field of practice e. NMC Good Health and good character: Some mentors identified that they were reluctant to fail students if they had limited experience or confidence as a mentor. Finally, you can use the SWOT analysis form to consider your strengths and weaknesses and the barriers or threats that prevent you from developing as a mentor, but also what opportunities are available to you to help you to develop.

Since then, the number of mentoring relationships has grown fromto more than four million. A sign-off mentor confirms the proficiency of a student. This will allow you, in your professional nursing practice roles, to support and assess pre-registration nursing students.

Both parts must be passed. The National Mentoring Partnership. For example, if a teacher has arranged a presentation to a child study team, the planning conference enables a teacher to respond to questions such as these: She lives in Miami, Florida with her family.

What evidence of activities do I need to keep?

The role is defined by the NMC Kelem is actively involved in Uptown, his neighborhood in Dallas. Criteria Clinical currency and capability in the field in which the student is being assessed.

The skills are assessed at either level 2 or 3 and are graded. If your discussion does not reveal appropriate knowledge and understanding of the sign off mentor s role and responsibilities, further guidance will be given for the development you require.

Shapiro is a husband, father of two sons, and mentor. Disclosures It is important that students are aware that should they make a disclosure involving a contravention of the law or a disclosure that constitutes a danger to the public, the practitioner to whom this disclosure is made has a duty to act upon the information given.

Some of these will hopefully be strengths!. An academic portfolio is a thoughtful, organized, and selective collection of documents that illustrate what you've accomplished in terms of research, teaching, and service. An easy way to keep things organized is to maintain a digital folder with sub-folders of supporting documentation.

The three. Readbag users suggest that is worth reading. The file contains 24 page(s) and is free to view, download or print. evidence collection for their portfolio, and to advise on the portfolio assessment of a student’s practice evidence.

A student’s portfolio will demonstrate their ongoing learning throughout the course, in academic and practice learning environments as well as reflection by. Mentorship in Professional Practice HEA Overview. This module is designed to furnish participants with knowledge and skills pertinent to mentorship in the context of their professional practice.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council is the professional regulatory body for nurses and midwives in the UK. Our role is to protect patients and the public through efficient and effective regulation. Mentor Portfolio of Evidence for Nurses: Recognition of Mentorship Skills, Guidance and Mapping Portfolio as evidence of your continuing development as a Stage 2 Mentor.

completed the Preparation for Mentorship module and all of the outcomes of stage 2.

Mentorship portfolio of evidence
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